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Batteries from $140 with 36 month warranty


High Quality, High Performance


SuperCharge Batteries get your motor running and give you a great start even in extreme weather and road conditions. It has a broad range of lead-acid batteries in Australia that serve everyday vehicle and various industrial or recreational power needs of the market today.


SuperCharge Batteries are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Powered with advanced EXG technology, SuperCharge batteries are guaranteed to perform on its optimal level giving motorists a true value for their money.



EXG Technology

Battery grid technology has drastically changed in the recent years. Grids were traditionally made using gravity-casted lead-antimony alloys for both the positive and negative plates. Some manufacturers then shifted to casting lead-calcium alloys and now produce either a hybrid design of casted antimony and calcium, or casted calcium-calcium.


EXG Technology is an advanced, fully-automated process that uses continuous rolled strips which are then compacted under high pressure, sliced, expanded and cut into grid strips. It is a technology adopted by the world’s leading battery manufacturers and proven in the most extreme climates and road conditions around the world.


When you bring your car into Autoland, North Shore mechanic, for mechanical repairs to your car, you can be sure you’ll get nothing but the best quality services from these top notch Auckland mechanics.


Whether you need repairs to pass your WoF or you’re worried about a mysterious sound coming from under the hood and suspect you need some new car parts, the team at Autoland, North Shore mechanic can help. They’ve been in the auto mechanic trade for years and have seen it all. From radiators and brake pads to shocks and transmissions.


Think Autoland if you’re looking for a North Shore mechanic to perform a tune up, car repairs in Auckland, or car servicing in Auckland, get in touch with these mechanics in Auckland they’re car tuning specialists.


You will find Autoland, North Shore mechanic, is particularly convenient if you live or work around the following areas:

Mairangi bay, Sunnynook, Sunset North, Meadowood, Wairau Park, Rothesay Bay, Pinehill, Campbells Bay, Forest Hill, Murrays Bay and Rosedale.


The MTA Repairer Warranty:

Gives customers confidence in the soundness of repairs carried out by MTA repairers
Is given at no extra cost to customer

Means that the MTA repairer will remedy any defects (subject to the exclusions set out below) that arise in a repair during the period that the MTA Repairer Warranty is valid (this may involve the MTA repairer covering the reasonable cost of parts and labour to remedy any defects.

Is valid for a qualifying repair, for the earlier of six months or 10,000km from the date of repair.


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Suspension systems serve a dual purpose contributing to the vehicle's roadholding/handling and braking for good active safety and driving pleasure.


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