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$35 WOF

Full MTA Warrant of Fitness $35 (must meet LTSA standards).


$139 Service

Car service $139 (most makes & models).


$180 Cam Belt

Timing belt replacement starting from $180 (dependent on model).


The MTA Repairer Warranty:

Gives customers confidence in the soundness of repairs carried out by MTA repairers
Is given at no extra cost to customer

Means that the MTA repairer will remedy any defects (subject to the exclusions set out below) that arise in a repair during the period that the MTA Repairer Warranty is valid (this may involve the MTA repairer covering the reasonable cost of parts and labour to remedy any defects.

Is valid for a qualifying repair, for the earlier of six months or 10,000km from the date of repair.


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Cam Belts

Cambelt replacment from $180.00

Most car owners drive around, blissfully unaware of the fact that a cambelt plays a vital role in the smooth running of a car. Cam belts keep the internal components of your engine turning in a synchronised order.


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